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Where is the good in goodbye?

15 giugno 2012

Time flies they say. Three months have passed at TheGoodOnes so extremely quick in the fast-moving city of Milan.
Maarten and I can look back at this whole period, feeling satisfied and experienced. As if we didn’t know anything about social media before we worked at TheGoodOnes.
This company has given us many opportunities to explore ourselves in many ways. First of all, with the wonderful company location, we got to know all these creative individuals coming from different directions as architecture, trend watching, ecological business, advertising and so on…
Not only did TheGoodOnes learn us practical stuff, of which we will talk about later, but they gave us insight in life. We very much liked their vision on things and their company culture. TheGoodOnes is very strong as a team, and that is one important key to success, especially for little companies.

But little does not mean less stronger. We have seen this company grow in just three months, evolving at an impressive speed and gaining important clients, each time bigger and bigger. TheGoodOnes are definitely on TheGoodSide and a bright future is awaiting.
Speaking of future, ours got expanded too thanks to this powerful social media company. Using social media tools, like Pinterest and Twitter, intensively; we learned how to analyze and use social media business wise. A true present for the rest of our lives, as we all know social media is not going to disappear any time soon. The following quote from best-selling author Erik Qualman, really inspired us to get a maximum out of social media:
” we don’t have a choice whether we do social media, the question is: “how well we do it”.

Whether it was the seeding, tweeting, blogging, analyzing social media, or simply have a peptalk with our bosses or collegues; we enjoyed our time here at TheGoodOnes. We are very grateful to have had this once-in-a-lifetime experience that opened the gates for a promising future…
So dear TheGoodOnes, Mork and Mindy, your two favorite rookies, just want to say to your amazing team that we had a wonderful time. And therefor:


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  1. 16 giugno 2012 17:54

    Thank you very much, you are the talented new generation we would like to have in TGO.
    Please, come back 🙂


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