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Pinterest, social media hype or advantage?

3 giugno 2012

Social media are mounting so fast these times, it is no wonder that people remain distant at first. We are often loaded with all sorts of prejudices, because we are confused by the speed of social media, we don’t exactly know what to do with them or simply think it is just another hype.

In some cases, we are right. There are a lot of social media that really disappear in a short span of time, but Pinterest is in for the stay. The following facts may convince you why Pinterest is important for your company or not, for there Pinterest will not suit every type of company. Read at own risk.

TheGoodOnes, Pinterest, socialmediamarketing

The most important you must know about Pinterest, is probably its growth potential. The latest data tell us that the social medium is driving more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.
Yes, take a second, it is indeed an overwhelming amount of information.
Then there is the business side of Pinterest, in which we as interns are involved at TheGoodOnes. This can be really interesting to companies wishing to increase their SEO. This website invites to simply be social ánd visual at the same time. Our previous blog posts were all about being visual, here you have it! Now the social part…
In just one week time we experienced the traffic of Pinterest, by simply posting relevant pictures of an interesting topic, and that just happens to be the Olympic Games! Yes we are very lucky.
We gave our Olympic Pins relevant names, tagged them very precisely and searched for co-Olympic Pinners. We complimented them with their brilliant Pins, while enjoying a win-win situation, because they liked our Pins in return. You see, it’s all about being social…
You will probably wonder “Hey, what’s in it for me?”. Well, Pinterest possesses a great domain authority. It can offer important search engine opportunities with the board names and descriptions you can choose as a Pinner. So take a little time to name your Pins, because strong names show strong results.
But apart from the SEO benefits, you can also give your company a ‘face’, by pinning about your values, your services and even your way of humor.

Has this blog made you curious? Take a look at TheGoodOnes on Pinterest, to get a clear view on how companies are linked to the website.

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